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Who is a candidate for a Key Leader Membership?
  • A mid-level leader who has the aptitude to become a top-level leader.
  • An influential mid-level leader who the organization desires to develop.
  • A mid-level leader who is taking on additional responsibility.
  • A mid-level leader who has a desire to learn and grow.
What are the Benefits of Key Leader Membership?
  • Intentional leadership skill development
  • Broadened perspective from high-caliber peers
  • Increased personal and professional leadership acumen
  • Improved ability to manage physical and mental health
  • Integration of personal values and professional success
  • Improved work-life effectiveness
How does the Key Leader Membership work?
  • You become a member of A Key Leader Group consisting of 8-14 like-minded, high-performing leaders from diverse backgrounds and businesses. They are united with one common goal: empowering one another for better performance.  Each month on a regular basis a REV Coach facilitates an advisory session with your group.  Issues are discussed, advise is given, trust develops, accountability is provided and skills are developed through a highly organized process. 
  • You also receive one-on-one executive coaching every month from a certified REV Coach tailored to your specific needs. 
  • Throughout the year REV Advisory Group hosts several Leadership Training Events.  These events are marketed to business leaders and REV Advisory Group Members are granted free access.  These events not only provide a great leadership development and training opportunity for you, but also afford you the opportunity to invite clients and vendors creating a solid and credible networking opportunity for all.
  • REV Advisory Group wants to encourage generosity and stewardship by offering matching funds through our “Leaders Ignited Program” as well as providing regular opportunities for members to “DO GOOD” in the communities they serve. 
  • Finally, and arguably most importantly you will develop strong relationships with other leaders who, along with your REV Coach become your advocates in life and in business.  
How do I qualify for Key Leader Membership?
  • You must be a key leader within an organization where both you and your leader are interested in seeing you get to the next level.
  • You must be highly committed to learning and contributing insight for the benefit of all.