I talk to business owners every day about the best strategies for personal and organizational development.  When it comes to the topic of personal development, business leaders agree that there is really no more efficient way to generate momentum than to participate in a peer advisory system that includes the powerful combination of regular professionally led peer group meetings and one on one coaching.  


Of course, just because something works well doesn’t mean that everyone will choose it.  Here are the top 10 reasons that business leaders give for “NOT” engaging with REV. 


#10. “I can’t make the time to participate in the group sessions.”

  • No REV member has any more time than any other member. We all have 168 hours each week. That’s it. The question: how do we choose to spend our time?
  •          REV members don’t participate in peer sessions because they are bored or because they are trying to find some way to spend time. They are among the most productive business people anywhere. They are very conscious of how they invest their time.
  •          REV membership doesn’t take time. REV membership nets time.
  •          REV members report — within 45 or 90 days — that they stop doing other people’s work, start getting home earlier, and devote more time to the most important relationships in their lives.

#9. “I need to wait until I get over this hump (or project or initiative or fiscal quarter).”

  •          Anyone who thinks, “I’ll have more time after I get over this hump,” isn’t accurately predicting the future. There are always more humps to follow this current hump.
  •          Were you humping twelve months ago? Six months ago? If so, humping is not the cure for humping. REV teaches you to live intentionally and without humping.
  •          Generally, after joining REV members report that they wish they had joined earlier.

#8. “I’m too busy in my business.”

  •          REV members report that spending time on their business (rather than in their business) with a group of peers makes them more effective leaders. Within months of joining REV, members are doing more in less time.

#7. “I can’t afford REV membership.”

  •          What is your budget for your own professional development?
  •          If you haven’t considered a budget, you should. You must be willing to invest in your own growth as a leader.
  •          If your budget allows, REV provides a great value. 
  •          The value of the monthly peer meeting coupled with one on one business/executive coaching far exceeds the cost of REV membership. 
  •          REV members don’t belong because they need to find some way to spend money. They see the ROI that comes from having a trusted network of advisors and a coach. 

#6.  “No, really: I have no cash. We’re on the verge of bankruptcy.”

  •          We understand that this real issue does exist out there.
  •          If you want to have a quick brainstorm on ideas for getting out of your cash crunch, call us and we are glad to sit down and see if we can help.
  •          Otherwise, let us know when cash flow exceeds your cost of doing business.  REV members need to have the wherewithal to fund productive change.

#5. “I already have a peer group.”

  •          First of all, that is great.  Every business leader should be involved in one.
  •          If you can answer these questions in the affirmative, you are in the right place:

o   Are you being challenged to grow and change?

o   Are you learning and getting better as a leader?

o   Is your work-life balance improving?

o   Is your personal and professional performance improving?

  •         If you could not answer yes to these questions, we would suggest you make a change.

#4. “I already have an executive coach.”

  •          Executive coaching can be very effective, and every leader should be engaged with one.
  •          At REV, each one-to-one session with a REV Coach is put to the test of the peer group.  Peers hold one another accountable more powerfully than a single coach can.
  •          The coaching and peer group combination at REV amplifies the call for leadership, maximizing the growth of each member.

#3. “I already have an advisory board.”

  •          Again, an advisory board is something that every business leader should have.  An advisory board should be:

o   made up of seasoned professionals that understand you and your business.

o   Objective and without a personal stake in you or your business.

o   Willing to ask the right and hard questions to insure the best advice is given.

o   Willing give you unabashed advice and feedback.

  •          Often times advisory boards are made up of friends and family that do not meet these criterial.  Your REV Advisory Group membership provides all of these things and comes with a seasoned REV coach to help you sort it all out. 

#2. “I can’t trust others with my secrets.”

  •          Of course, confidentiality is taken very seriously at REV and members learn how to trust by being trustworthy. Groups immediately study how to maintain confidentiality, because that is the necessary ingredient for true sharing.
  •          The fact is that many of us do not want to discuss our thinking for fear that it will be criticized or not accepted.  It is very difficult if not impossible to grow if we are not willing to be vulnerable and expose our ideas for critique and criticism. 
  •          Everything we do flows from our thinking.  Limiting our beliefs by keeping them secret is a recipe for stagnation.

#1. “I can’t possibly learn from other people.”

  •          Some REV members arrive ready to learn. Others are reluctant to learn. But they all learn that they are not the smartest person at the table on every issue.

REV Advisory Group offers a unique, dynamic and high-quality leadership peer advisory experience coupled with integrated executive coaching and leadership development. Our Mission is to connect, guide, empower and add value to leaders enabling them to live integrated, authentic and successful lives  


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