We would all agree that leadership is the single most important factor in determining success in just about any situation. Why is it then that we tend to focus our efforts in leadership development exclusively with work benefits in mind, seemingly unaware of its importance in other areas of life?  To compound this myopic viewpoint business leaders also tend to view leadership development as one dimensional. They believe there are a defined set of leadership skills and that leadership development occurs by learning and applying these skills in the workplace.  This approach can improve performance, but results vary and are dependent on a myriad of external factors that are developed outside of work. True and effective leadership development must begin with the understanding that impact flows from a healthy person who knows how to engage in healthy relationships. The need for an approach to leadership development that acknowledges and addresses the whole person engaged in a multidimensional life is at the heart of REV Advisory Group’s mission.  To learn more about Integrated leadership development and REV Advisory Group visit our website at www.rev-advisors.com or give us a call at 612-202-2485.

REV Advisory Group offers a unique, dynamic and high-quality leadership peer advisory experience coupled with integrated executive coaching and leadership development. Our Mission is to connect, guide, empower and add value to leaders enabling them to live integrated, authentic and successful lives.

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